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Changes to the TV code of practice

A Review of the Commercial TV Code of Practice is being carried out by Commercial Television Australia.
Very few people in Australia are aware that changes are being proposed to the commercial television code. Time is running out, as the public are only invited to submit comments until Friday, 19th September, 2003. If we do not want to see PG rated films being aired at children's peak viewing times, and to have even more sex, violence, and offensive language on TV, we need to act now.

A Review of the Commercial TV Code of Practice is being carried out by Commercial Television Australia. The main changes being proposed are as follows:
- The current definitions of the G and PG ratings would be changed to allow for more sexual, alcoholic and drug use references justifiable by use in the storyline. The definition of the G rating will look more like what PG should look like.
- Increasing the PG timeslots by reducing the G timeslots. This means there will be more programs with sex, alcoholic and drug references and use of bad language, at children's peak viewing times.
- (weekdays from 5.00pm onwards instead of the present 7:30pm time, and Saturday from 8:30am onwards)
- Reduced 'G' time will also affect advertising 'standards'.
- Alcohol advertising will be increased, being extended to ALL sporting programs, not just 'live' broadcasts.

Tell the CTVA that you and everyone you know want wholesome family programs, less nudity, less violence, less bad language and less drug references - not more of each as will happen under the new guidelines.
- That you want no extension to 'PG' ratings at the expense of 'G' rated timeslots;
- All parents you know think that there is already way too much sex, nudity, violence and bad language on TV and that the 'G' timeslot should be EXTENDED rather than reduced.

Click for the CTVA website and more information or Click to email

Postal Address: CTVA, 44 Avenue Rd. Mosman NSW 2088 Fax: (02) 9960 3520

Mercy Killer Must be Made to Pay

by Angela Shanahan
The Australian,Tuesday June 4, 2002
It is time Philip Nitschke was prosecuted.  Since Nancy Crick sacrificed her life during a publicity stunt, the spotlight has been rightly focused on Nitschke.  He has exposed himself in his comments since Crick's death.  It is not the first time Nitschke has been involved in a case that was not terminal, nor is it the first time that the circumstances of death have been referred to the coroner.
His first brush with the law was during an inquest into the deaths of two Aboriginal addicts in Darwin, when he was accused of culpability due to the quantity of the methodone he had prescribed.  He quickly switched his activism from drug addiction to euthanasia.  After the passing of the Northern Territory Rights of the Terminally Ill Act, he killed at least four people by lethal injection and set up his internet suicide program.
On April 16, 1997, three weeks after the Andrews bill was enacted, Esther Wild died after Nitschke put her into a coma.  The Northern Territory coroner ordered an inquiry due to "discrepancies between Wild's death certificate and public comments made after his patient's death in the media by Dr Nitschke" - but no action was taken.
In 1997, at Coogee in Sydney, he was present at the death of Norma Hall, whose condition (according to The Sydney Morning Herald on January 27, 2001) was assessed by the euthanasia campaigner Peter Baume as not terminal.  On Nitschke's own admission he assisted in obtaining large amounts of morphine for her from her local hospital.  Again the case was referred to the coroner.  Nitschke refused to be interviewed by the police and the case has not been persued.
Between 1995 and 1998, Nitschke killed or "assisted" to their maker seven people.  On October 3, 1998, The Lancet published an investigation into legal euthanasia by David Kissane, psychiatrist and director of theCentre for Pallative Care at the Univversity of Melbourne, with Nitschke's co-operation.
But the investigation found four of Nitschke's seven patients were depressed.  Their requests for euthanasia were not a result of unbearable pain but came from a fear of being a burden, worthless and socially isolated.  Most of them have been women.
Furthermore, as The Lancet article emphasised, Nitschke has limited experience in treating the dying, "not having become involved with care for the dying before becoming involved with the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act".  Kissane later commented in Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph that the act was a failure:  "It did not protect the more vulnerable."
But protection of the vulnerable is not one of Nitschke's concerns.  Remember the one-stop suicide shop or "euthanasia advice clinics" that he tried to set up in 1999?  He held clinics in Melbourne and in July 1999 started clinics in Adelaide.  Again, when he challenged the Attorney-General to prosecute him, no action was taken.
In a country with one of the highest youth suicide rates, the real danger of Nitschke's campaign should be obvious.  He has persistently advocated a suicide pill, the ingredients of which he intended to publish over the internet.  In August 1999 he advocated children being given the "right to die".  Commenting on just such a proposal in the Netherlands, he said:  "At a certain age you become old enough to understand about death, and if your life is no longer worth living according to your estimation, you have a right to give it away."
The prospect for confused young people and disabled children is terrifying.  But his support for this sort of thing highlights one very important fact in Crick's and other cases with which he has been involved.  Nitschke makes no distinction between euthanasia and suicide:  "Such a simple classification is unhelpful because people often fall between those convenient extremes."
Perhaps Crick fell between the extremes.  Hall might have, too; however, assisted suicides is still a crime in NSW and Queensland.  It is an offence to incite or counsel another person to commit suicide if that other person commits suicide as a consequence.
What role did Nitschke play in the supply of drugs that killed both women?  Did he advise on dosage or what to do if death did not occur?  Or treatment to seek if they changed their mind? (Which June Burns did.)  He was not present at Crick's death.  He stayed away, letting others take the risk of prosecution.  And of course he knew, which they probably didn't, that Crick did not have cancer.
And that fact highlights the central issue.  This has nothing to do with the motivations of desperate and grief-stricken relatives.  It has nothing to do with the right to die.  It has nothing to do with dignity for terminally ill people.  It has to do with Nitschke wanting the right to kill anyone who wants to die, whether they are terminally ill or depressed and chafing under the notion of being burdensome.
It is at people such as Nitschke that the law is aimed.  If he is allowed to continue on his dangerous course, the law will become redundant.  He must be prosecuted. [emphasis ours]


  • contact Attorney General Mr Daryl Williams c/o Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600 or email him
  • contact your State Attorney General c/o Parliament House, [Your capital City] [Your State] [Capital City Postcode] or email him.


   AFF has just received the following report:"Legislation to legalise abortion in the ACT will soon be debated in the ACT Legislative Assembly. It is anticipated that the vote will be very close with a margin of one or two either way. The biggest concern is that some compromise solution will allow the Bill to be passed. One of the Assemblys new members may well hold the balance of power on this issue and at the moment it is believed she is undecided."[we are ascertaining that member's name & will publish it ASAP]
   "Pray that she will come down on the side of defending the unborn and to reinstate the previous governments regulations that ensured all women were fully informed of the stage of development of the embryo and other implications of an abortion before making their decision."
Click to contact ACT Legislative Assembly Members.Ask them to reinstate regulations that ensure women are fully informed of embryo development.  Ask them to vote against any liberalisation of abortion laws. 

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Current News

The Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA) would have protected children using public library computers from sexually explicit materials. Libraries were to comply by July 1 of this year. A three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has now nullified CIPA, declaring it unconstitutional. Two months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a congressional ban on computer generated child pornography, making virtual pornography legal as long as it is identified as such.
News this week that Christian leaders in Melbourne have been reported by Moslems for speaking out against Islam and will have to face a court enquiry to prove why they should not be prosecuted under the recently enacted "Religious Vilification Bill", causes us to realise the amount of freedom we have already lost in our nation. The following personal email received from an Intercessor in Sweden is a further wakeup call that a concerted campaign against all forms of Christian expression is being waged all over the world. Wake up Australia before it is too late!
"Persecution comes in many different forms. It can be "open" and horrific as experienced in many places in the world today, or it can be more subtle. And that is how it is here in Sweden.

We all know that Socialism is just a less obvious form of communism. It hides behind a mask of "equality for all" and it seeks to take an ever-increasing stranglehold on Christianity. For more than 50 years, Sweden has been under the increasing iron grip of such a political regime. Its subtle and sly, but its having a greater and greater influence upon the country and its people, via laws and statutes. If this scourge remains unchecked, it could mean that by the end of this year there will be pastors and preachers in Swedish prisons for unashamedly declaring the Word of God.
Its almost unbelievable, but its a fact. Here, in the 21st Century in a country with an almost unmatched social welfare system and one that has been politically stable and unscathed by war for more than 100 years, we are talking about religious persecution! But were not talking about religious persecution on a broad scale were actually talking about it being targeted at Bible-believing Christians. You can be a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, an animist or a witch, but if you begin to preach the whole Bible, and if legislation current before parliament is enacted, you might well end up in jail.
In 1998, an exhibition of homosexual "art" was on display inside the Cathedral in Uppsala. The exhibition, called Ecce Homo depicted Jesus and His disciples as homosexuals and was totally blasphemous. It had the imprimatur of the Lutheran Archbishop of Sweden at the time. Even when a number of his fellow priests challenged his decision to permit this travesty to go ahead, he staunchly held out and the exhibition remained in place for almost two weeks before being relocated to other "religious" and secular venues around Sweden.
Until the end of 1999, the State Church had sole responsibility for the registration of births, deaths and marriages. And even now, the Church will not "marry" hence regularise the relationships of homosexuals inside church buildings. But even that prerogative was taken away from the Church in 2000.
Against that backdrop, we have seen the Gay Lobby, now openly supported by the State Church, having an increasing influence on legislation enacted in this country. Its main clarion call is for "Protection of Minority Groups".
There are two current issues: Legalised Adoption by Homosexual Couples and a bill currently before the Parliament dealing with what is called "Agitation against a People Group".
Basically, what this legislation will mean is that it will become illegal to preach what the Bible says about homosexuality and it will also be illegal to pray and/or intercede for homosexuals. It will be a criminal act punishable by up to 2 years imprisonment lesser "crimes" will incur heavy fines. People found guilty of any of these crimes will be permitted to publicly retract and thus incur lesser penalties.
Please pray primarily for a spirit of boldness and bravery to come over the Church in Sweden and that Bible-believing Christians will raise their voices against this intended law and that it will fail in its passage through the parliament."
Australian Prayer Network, 1 June 02
email Mr Howard and your State and Federal MP's and tell them you are concerned about Australia going in this direction.

Boeringer, S. Pornography and Sexual Aggression; Association of violent and nonviolent depictions with rape and rape proclivity. Deviant Behavior: 1994 vol. 15(3) 289-304.
"Data collected from a sample of 477 college men indicated strong bivariate associations of rape and rape proclivity with use of almost all forms of porn. Analyses indicated that higher exposure to porn depicting violent and rape behavior appeared to be significantly related to both engaging in sexual aggression and believing oneself capable or likely to engaging in sexual aggression. Exposure to softcore porn was positively associated with likelihood of sexual force and nonviolent coercive behavior, but negatively associated with likelihood of rape and actual rape behavior."

Its Not Gay

A Review by R J Frisken

"Its Not Gay" is a short (30 minutes) video intended for high school aged young people to make them aware of the issues and dangers of a homosexual lifestyle. It is presented by allowing a number of people who have lived a "gay lifestyle" to tell their own story. The video is a powerful tool in helping young people understand the issues and dangers of being caught up in this lifestyle, which is so heavily promoted today. Although all the people in the stories are American, the video is relevant to and suitable for use among Australian young people. A set of valuable notes accompanies the video.

The video is well presented and factual and not in any way "homophobic". It clearly informs young people through the various true-life stories of how easy it is to be trapped in this lifestyle. It dispels the idea that a homosexual lifestyle is inevitable for some people and shows the way that a number of vulnerable young people were caught up in what ultimately proved to be for them a destructive lifestyle. It provides a salutary reminder of the dangers of such a lifestyle but also gives hopes of a better and happier life to people who have been caught up in it.

Although it deals with an emotionally charged subject matter, the video handles it fairly and without hype or distortion. It presents a clear Christian perspective but is not overtly evangelistic in aim. Because of the subject matter and the materials presented, it is not suitable, in my opinion, for use in a classroom below about year 9. Where it is used in the classroom (particularly with students in junior or middle high school) teachers should preview it and would be wise to inform parents of its content prior to screening to ensure their consent. This video is strongly recommended for parental use with high school aged children as they enter puberty. Schools and Churches could assist parents and their children to be forewarned of the dangers of a "gay lifestyle" by purchasing a number of copies to make available on loan to parents.

My wife and I previewed this video and my daughter-in-law and teen-age granddaughter also viewed it. Their opinions supported the views I have expressed above. They saw it as an interesting and very valuable educational tool for families. Copies of "Its Not Gay" may be obtained from its Australian distributors, Australian Federation for the Family.

PO Box 106 Canterbury VIC 3126 click to email

R J Frisken, President New Hope International, Sydney March 2002

Bob Frisken is the former director of Australian Christian Community Schools. We are very grateful for this review. Visit his excellent website

Report on Link Between Pedophilia and Homosexuality

click here to download the report "Pedophilia Common Among Gays"