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NOW it's easier than ever to contact your MP's!

Simply select your State or Territory, above, and you are a click away from emailing your concerns to Ministers and Members.

Daunted by the thought of contacting all those legislators and advertisers? Write 2-Minute letters:  these are often more effective than the lengthy epistles you may have been been posting.

Help us help others!
Email us about any pending legislation you become aware of that we have not listed.

How to write a 2-minute letter

Many of AFFs victories are due to our readers writing a simple "2-minute letter".

Heres how:

Dear Sir,
It has come to my attention that your firm is helping to finance pornography by advertising in Penthouse magazine (or such and such TV show).
As long as this policy continues I can no longer purchase your products. Will you please stop? Please reply so I can tell all my friends.
 (important: use own words)

Letter to a Politician
Dear Mr(rs)(s) xxxxxxx,
I am very concerned about [issue].  Please [support or vote against] this issue.
I await your reply so that I can tell my [friends, club, playgroup].
(note:  most politicians will not commit themselves, but will simply write back a non-committal response, like "I will keep your views in mind".  If you get this reply, write to them again and request a yes or no answer!) 

AFF readers have stopped ads in porn magazines, offensive TV shows and cancelled corporate sponsorship of TV movies and Sydneys Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Keep up the good work!