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Volume 20 Issue 1

Ephesians 5:11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness but instead even expose them

Note: most of the underlined text are links for you to "Click and Lobby"

Musachi Vitamins stops Penthouse adverts

We asked readers to express their concerns regarding the advertising of Musachi vitamins in Australian Penthouse. Those that did so received a letter from Musachi - stating they have ceased advertising in the publication! This is thanks to your action.


OFLC Success Story!

Last year the OFLC Review Board responded sluggishly to the French porn film (Baise-Moi) fiasco, banning it only after a four-week cinema release. In The AFF Journal we asked readers to write to the OFLC and request that the Board simply observe their own guidelines in future.


Acting according to their own censorship guidelines, the OFLC has banned the film Ken Park, which is the latest work of apparently underage-sex obsessed filmmaker Larry Clark (see article below). On appeal, the ban was subsequently upheld by the Classification Review Board.

…but OFLC takes flak for sensible decision – support needed!

The ban has provoked nothing less than hysteria among “intellectuals” and advocates of artistic license at any cost. In the most extreme example, Sydney police had to physically intervene when SBS Movie Show co-host Margaret Pomeranz attempted to illegally screen the film free of charge to an audience of 400.

Classification Review Board Member Maureen Shelley explained the reason for the ban on ABC’s Lateline (July 3): “Our guidelines state that as a general rule you cannot show actual sex in R… if it's actual sex then it should go into X. If you then look at the X guidelines, they say you can't allow fetish. There's a fetish – it's autoerotic asphyxiation. So, it doesn't fit R, it doesn't fit X, there is only one place for it to go, which is ‘refused classification’.”

The OFLC has handled the film Ken Park with uncharacteristic wisdom, yet continues to face a ridiculous amount of bile for simply conforming to their guidelines.

Not over yet

Among the public figures who expressed outrage over this totally sensible ban is NSW Premier Bob Carr, who asked for the issue of Film Festivals censorship to be put on the agenda of the Attorneys-General meeting in August (The Mercury 14/7/03). Atty Gen Daryl Williams’ office states that “no matters of censorship were officially discussed” at that meeting, which gives us time to contact our Attorneys General before their next get-together.

The current film classification system is national. Anti-censorship campaigners are pressuring the Govt to radically alter this system and make film classification regulated by the individual State and Territories. This would create opportunities for infiltration of Classification Boards. It is based on the concept of relative truth – that each of us must ‘construct’ our own morality. On the contrary, Australia’s film classification system currently claims to be guided by “community standards”. This gives pro-family individuals around the country the power to pull the OFLC up when it outrages those standards.

‘Community standards’ are obviously not reflected by persons such as movie reviewer David Stratton, who called the film “unquestionably important and relevant”. The Daily Telegraph’s Piers Akerman rightly commented: “[the film] may well deal with such important issues as parental abuse…but does the narrative need to be so explicit to explain these issues?”

Action needed

1. Write to Atty Gen Darryl Williams and your State Attorney General (click and select your State) about keeping national guidelines for film classification.

2. Write to the OFLC. Commend them for actually following their own guidelines and assure them that Australians do not want to welcome the highly toxic movie, Ken Park, into the community. The OFLC - the ones who place Australian Penthouse and other pornographic publications in a category legally accessible to children of all ages - has acted responsibly in this instance of banning Ken Park and should be congratulated. Please thank them. OFLC, Locked Bag 3, Haymarket NSW 1240 ph 02 9289 7100 fx 02 9289 7101 email

While you are at it please ask them why they continue to place The Picture People and other pornographic magazines in a category legally accessible to our children. These magazines contain ads for sexual services and pornographic material with virtually all of the order forms stating that you must be over 18 to order the material. Isn't it clear to the board that such a magazine is only intended for those over 18?

3. Send one of these magazines to your state Member of Parliament and your Premier. Ask them if they would allow their own children or grandchildren to have unrestricted access to such trash. If not why does the law in your state allow it to be sold to, displayed to and accessed by your children. AFF is extremely interested in their reply! Tasmania is the only state that restricts these publications. Why don't you get your state to do the same? Write to: [Your Member or Premier], Parliament House, [Your Capitol City, P/C]

About “Ken Park”

According to an article in The Australian of 18 June, "Ken Park's film-makers have few qualms about depicting explicit sexual activity". Scenes include detailed depictions of immoral and/or highly dangerous sexual acts involving young adult actors playing school-age kids. The scenes have been thoroughly described in newspapers around the country, but I will refrain from describing them here. Clark, the film’s director, has been candid about his habit of casting actors who appear as young as possible. In the case of one of his earlier films, he raved about his find of 25-year-old actress Natasha Gregson Warner, enthusing that she looked only 12. It is particularly disturbing to note her participation in an explicit scene in that film.


From Jack’s Desk

Can you believe all of the issues our children are going to have to sort out?

A legal system that says prostitution and homosexuality are OK.

A parliamentary system that lowers the age of sexual consent for homosexuals and allows them to adopt children.

Political 'leaders' who approve harmful, illegal drugs.

Pornography displayed to our children as “art”.

Pornographers allowed to sell and display smut magazines to kids of all ages.

Government 'leaders' who lie repeatedly and treat those who put them in office and pay their salaries with utter contempt.

How bad does it have to get before we all do something?

If it is good to sell smut magazines to children then continue to allow it.

If it is good for our daughters to become whores then continue to allow legal prostitution.

If it is good for children to accept homosexuality as normal then continue to do nothing.

If it is good for immorality and promiscuity to be advocated, promoted and encouraged via the television airwaves then continue to do nothing about it.

If it is bad then, for our children's sake, do something to stop it.

Remember, faith without works is dead!

At AFF we have been 'doing something' for over 20 years. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose but at least if we fail, our children will be able to say that we were sincere in our concern for them – and that we did something.

Our society, as complex as it is, can be changed with simple tactics. To keep fighting this 'winnable war' we need help from ALL of our readers - it doesn’t have to be a burden on anyone.

When AFF began Australia used its 15,16 and 17 year-olds as porno centrefolds, Australian Playboy enjoyed a prosperous circulation rate and was sold in the largest retailers, Dial-a-Porn servers were nation-wide, pornographers portrayed women as schoolgirls and used "child magnets" (material unique to childhood entertainment) in their magazines.

Now none of these things occur. These, and many other victories, did not just happen.

Somebody had to do something. There is still a lot to do.

Can we count on your support to help us do it?

The letters we suggest that you write are important – don’t put it off!

Go ahead, make a difference!



August 2003 Smartpad (computer accessory; Please express your concern – they were also in our last issue!) Seiko; Managing Dir Mr Russell Martin; PO Box 369; Cordell Park NSW 2200 ph: 1300 788081 Click to Email

and (it’s getting increasingly difficult to find reputable advertisers!)

TDK (audio system speakers) – Managing Dir Mr Martin Moelle; Level 22, 20 Napier St; Nth Sydney NSW 2060 ph 1300 305835 Click to Email


Attack on Schoolchildren

Condom machines & homosexual role-play:Coming Soon to a School Near You?

Democrats recommend Condom-vendors in schools

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government was handed a report by a "bipartisan" committee recommending condom vending machines be placed in secondary schools. The committee chairwoman Kerrie Tucker claimed (reported in the Weekend Australian 26-27 April) that because the children wanted "peer-led" sex education (imagine peer-led maths, literature, nutrition or any other school subjects), condom machines should be installed.

Democrats MLA Roslyn Dundas told the Canberra Times that the ACT govt's refusal to install condom machines was "outdated".

Safety in condoms misleading

Rubber Chemistry and Technology and The Journal of Testing and Evaluation (2 well respected international trade journals), The Journal of the American Medical Association, the British Journal of Family Planning, The New England Journal of Medicine, Social Science Medicine and a host of additional scientific bodies all mirror St Vincent's Bioethics Centre in Melbourne which warns, "It is misleading to promote safe sex with a condom".

Such studies are dangerous to ignore. Do the Democrats dismiss all this scientific data as "outdated", or only when it is applied to the health of our schoolchildren?

These and many other studies are documented in AFF's booklet "It's Not Gay". We'll be happy to send you a copy - perhaps you can get the Democrats to listen to you.

Toxic Sex-Ed in SA

A new sex education course currently being trialed in 14 high schools around South Australia (before a planned introduction into schools all over the country) unabashedly promotes homosexuality and never mentions abstinence as an alternative to pre-marital sex.

This course (known as “SHine”) also includes student role-playing of homosexual relationships, taking children “from revulsion [of same-sex sexual activity], through tolerance and acceptance, to celebration, nurturing” and finally “seeing it as indispensable and admirable”.

Festival of Light reports that doctors, teachers and MPs have addressed large protest meetings since April in SA and Today Tonight (14 May, Channel 7) interviewed parents who are upset about the content of the course. Yet Education Minister Trish White and the heads of both SHine and the Dept of Education and Children’s Services have declined all invitations to address community concerns at the protest meetings so far.


1. Contact the ACT government and congratulate them on their wise decision to keep dangerous condom vending machines out of the schools in the ACT. ACT Legislative Assembly, GPO Box 1020, Canberra ACT 2601 Ph (02) 6205 0439 Facsimile: (02) 6205 3109

2. Write to Mike Rann, Premier of SA and ask him if he has looked at SHine. Tell him that it should be withdrawn immediately from SA schools. If the program is deemed “successful” in SA, there are plans to sell it to the rest of the country, so those who do not live in SA should write to him as well and ask him to put a stop to it. Premier Mike Rann, Parliament House, Adelaide SA 5000

Since so many of our 'leaders' think there is no right or wrong it is up to us to point them in the right direction.


Focus on - Homosexuality

Foreword: by Christina Sonnemann

Homosexuality. It seems to be everywhere these days – from Levi’s billboards to PG-rated comedies. It’s presented to us as cute, fun, caring. When we question or oppose this representation of it, we’re blamed for everything from youth suicide to drug abuse to homicide. It’s terrible to see young people being drawn into this lifestyle and it’s terrible to see older people “playing house” together; looking for a church or a baby to make them feel complete (and woe to the church leaders who are all too happy to legitimize their lifestyle). However, I see hope in this quest for meaning.

It takes bravery to speak the truth in love in today’s climate but homosexuals need to hear it desperately. They need to hear about God’s grace. Equally vital: young people need to be encouraged to really seek God and study the Word on this issue.

As a 21-year-old, I know how easy it is to be sucked into an attitude of desentisation about homosexuality and sexual sin as a whole. Occasionally I am amazed at the difference between my parents’ generation’s no-nonsense view of homosexuality to the struggling and squeamishness with which my peers handle it. I believe that fidelity and obedience to God’s plan for sexuality is my generation’s greatest challenge.

For this reason I urge parents, youth leaders, pastors and grand-parents to take up this issue with young people. A fleeting same-sex temptation can cause young people to feel doomed or predetermined to sin. It should be handled like any other temptation: “For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathise with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in every way as we, yet without sin. Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:15-16.

It’s also important for young people to realize that the natural world bears witness to God’s Word. Homosexuality is not only wrong, it’s destructive, harmful, tragic and deadly. Several articles, update and reports on different aspects of the homosexual issue follow. The enemy is truly “coming in like a flood” in our time, and future generations will judge whether or not the people of God “raise[d] up a standard”.


AFF Director to Address International Conference on Homo-Fascism

AFF’s own Jack Sonnemann has been invited to be a Keynote Speaker at The First International Conference on Homo-Fascism. One speaker each from the UK, Australia (Jack!), South Africa, Canada and the USA will address a gathering restricted to Pastors, Elders and Ministry Leaders during this two-day conference in the US (October 9 & 10).

What is “homo-fascism”?

We quote from the Conference brochure: “Fascism is a political system whereby all opposition to, criticism of, and dissent from the government is disallowed and crushed. Fascism is a philosophy that tolerates no deviation from an established norm, that being the dictates of a powerful elite. Fascism is opposed to the eternal, unchanging, objective law of God and is based on subjective desires and goals of those who have the power to crush their opposition. In many Western nations, a form of fascism has taken root and presents a clear, present, and growing danger to Christian liberty and the Church of Jesus Christ. This force for evil may justly be referred to as 'homo-fascism' due to the fact that those espousing and driving it have as their goal to demonize, marginalize, and silence any criticism of or opposition to homosexual acts and the sodomite agenda. Already Christians in many countries are being arrested for preaching what the Bible teaches concerning homosexual acts. In some cases, special tribunals have been set up to punish such individuals. In America, the machinery of tyranny is likewise being put into place…”

Please pray for Jack, his fellow speakers and the attendees.


Legally Blonde 2 Bombshell

Don’t be fooled by the PG rating – this is NOT a film for your youth group.

The upcoming sequel to the bubbly hit film Legally Blonde is surprisingly subversive. In a bizarre plot-twist, the lead charac- ter’s pet Chihuahua, Bruiser, is “outed” as a homosexual dog during the film. He and a male rottweiler consummate their relationship soon after meeting and in the next scene are together in the park decked out in black leather-and-stud bondage gear. Bruiser’s “sexuality” becomes a recurrent theme thanks to the Director of the film, Charles Herman-Wurmfield, who (himself a homosexual activist) “added gay jokes to the script”. The film’s basic message is that moral ideals are based on ignorance and that stodgy conservatives can be liberated by experiencing certain things firsthand.

Herman-Wurmfield is notorious for his first directorial effort, the ground-breaking Kissing Jessica Stein, as the first mainstream Hollywood film to deal sympathetically and humourously with young lesbian experimentation. (World Magazine, July 19)

Let Hollywood know (click and use reply form at right) the public is not interested in preachy homosexual propaganda as a substitute for family entertainment:

inform your local youth group as well as encouraging friends and family to choose another movie for their Friday night.


And now…

The Pink Pages

There are a few interesting advertisers online at, the Sydney area’s homosexual business directory. They certainly have a right to advertise there – as we do to let them know that since we don’t want our money going to promote homosexuality we will have to take our business elsewhere as long as they do.

The following respectable businesses are listed alongside “Rent Boy Australia”, “Escort Shop” and “Sydney Hunx” Escort Services.

Advertisers include: St George Bank Home Loans – Gail Kelly, CEO St George House; 4-16 Montgomery St; Kogarah NSW 2217

National Australia Bank Home Loans – Mr Charles Allen, Chairman, 500 Bourke St, Melbourne 3000; ph 132265 (customer service)

Westpac Bank (3 ads: Home Loans, Investment Advisors, Finance) – Mr Leon Davis, Chairman; Westpac; 28th Floor; 60 Martin Place; Sydney 2000


Thank Mr Howard

Please write to the Prime Minister and thank him for his comments that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Mr John Howard, Prime Minister, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 Click and Lobby

Send a copy to your Federal MP at the same address or Click and Lobby


Same-sex adoption: a dangerous deception

The Tasmanian ALP government, spearheaded by Atty Gen Judy Jackson, is set to allow the adoption of children by same-sex couples. Besides the grave consequences to Tasmania, this also is significanct for every State, as all of Australia's State governments are run by the ALP.

The Tasmanian Law Reform Institute asked for public submissions, then rejected over 1,000 submissions that were against same-sex adoption. AFF (along with many organizations, pro- and anti-family) sent a submission to the Tasmanian government on this important issue. However, the govt seems to be relying on the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute (whoever they are) who have recommended open slather same-sex adoption. The Institute members, like so many of Tasmania's MPs, remind me of the saying, "Don't bother me with the facts, I've already made up my mind!"

Because of the enormous public outcry against same-sex adoption the Tasmanian ALP government plans to 'water down' the proposal and pass it anyway. The Tasmanian Parliament is scheduled to pass a wa- tered-down, unwanted proposal. Does that make sense? If it is a good proposal, pass it. If it is a bad proposal, turf it. Simple as that.

One Tasmanian MP told AFF Director Jack Sonnemann that he had never received as many pieces of mail and as much communication as he had on this issue -the vast majority being vehemently against the same-sex adoption proposal. That being being the case, we'll see if Tasmanians live in a representative society where ‘leaders' represent those who pay their salaries. After all, government is beholden to the people, it has NO other source of power.

Science or political correctness? Once again, science is being ignored. Just like the Canberra Democrats with their pro-condom stand, the Tasmanian ALP government is ignoring the well-reviewed scientific studies that prove the negative health consequences of same-sex relation-ships. It seems as if they are willing to sacrifice the health, safety and well being of our children on the altar of political correctness. Our children are not clamouring to be adopted by same-sex couples.

Let's examine a few specifics: The Journal of Social Science Research, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Nursing Research, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Journal of Interpersonal Violence and numerous other scientific studies document several shocking facts about lesbian households. Research studies show that lesbians are more inclined to mental health problems, suicide, problem drinking with frequent drunkenness, verbal and physical abuse, HIV risk behaviours and drug abuse than 'straight' households. Sounds like a great place for kids!?

The scientific data documenting the negative health consequences of male homosexuality is even more alarming. According to their own surveys, Human Papillomaviros Virus (HPV), a collection of 70+ types of viruses of which more than 20 are incurable STDs infecting both men and women, is "almost universal" among homosexual men. The American Sociological Association, The Centres for Disease Control, the International Journal of Epidemiology and International AIDS conferences have joined the vast amount of scientific data proving just how unhealthy same-sex situations can be.

All of the above studies and many more along with websites, internet addresses, press releases and a host of documentation are available from AFF. Ask for our samesex submission to the TAS Parliament. This includes AFF's "It's Not Gay" booklet.

Homosexual author Urvashi Vaid is quoted in Sexual Ecology: AIDS and the Destiny of Gay Men as saying, "We have an agenda to create a society in which homosexuality is treated as healthy, natural and normal." If there were no predetermined social agenda to perhaps the health, safety and well-being of children would be paramount.

It is not our children who are ignoring the credible, well-respected, scientific research that documents the proven negative health consequences of homosexuality. Ask any competent childcare professional if children's best interests are being looked after by placing them in the permanent custodial care of same-sex households. It would appear that our wimpish political 'leaders' agree with the homosexual agenda at the expense of our children's health.

The website of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby of NSW states, “The provisions of the Adoption Act make it impossible for same sex couples to adopt in NSW…In contrast, Western Australia changed its laws in 2002 to ensure same sex couples could adopt…It's time the law changed in NSW too and adoption is set to become one of the big issues for us in the run-up to the 2003 state election and beyond.”

They have committed their time and resources to attaining these ends – have we?

Take action Australia-wide before it’s too late.

Please contact the Prime Minister, and any and all of your State and Federal MPs and object in the strongest possible terms to any moves towards same-sex adoption proposals. Don’t let them believe that the door is now open for such legislation! Homosexual Law Reform packages are before NT and SA Governments –including lowering the age of consent. Click and Lobby!


Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth

– new research by Dr Judith A Reisman

This important study is now available in Australia. AFF has been given Dr Reisman’s kind permission for reprint rights. This is an illuminating study into the tactics activists are using to attract young people to a bisexual/homosexual lifestyle. See order form, below.

The homosexual issue is rife with confusion and emotion. So much of it centers around one question: are homosexuals “born that way”, or is it an elective lifestyle? Just as homosexuals themselves have perpetuated the myth that they comprise 10% of the population (when 2-4% is more accurate) many homosexuals realize that, although they claim they were born with “hardwired sexuality”, their lifestyle is actually a choice.

Surveys in homosexual publications reveal that great majorities were molested as children (or had problems relating to their same-sex parent), but it’s not “convenient” to publicize the same findings in the mainstream media. This is because they know that they will find support in their sin if they can convince the well-meaning that “God created them that way”. The reality is that God can set us free from all kinds of sin. This is evident in the testimony of many former homosexuals who - after repentance, salvation and forgiveness from Jesus Christ - no longer experience same-sex desire.


Become a lesbian?

…But I thought it was Genetically Predetermined…!?

"Australia's leading relationship counselling body is urging lonely older single women to become lesbians. [emphasis ours] Relationships Australia spokesman Jack Carney said men's shorter life spans, and pursuit of much younger women, meant women in their twilight years were often forced to turn to other women for love and companionship. Relationships Australia is a non-profit counselling organisation funded by both federal and state governments." Sunday Herald Sun 10/08/03

ACTION: Write to your MPs, Premier and the Prime Minister and recommend (demand?) that such brain-dead pseudo-counseling be denied future funding. Click and Lobby


Homo-Fascism in Tassie?

Leading homosexual activist Rodney Croome, who is currently lobbying to get the Relationships Bill through Tassie’s Legislative Council, showed his hand a little too early (The Mercury 6/8/03) when he fumed to the media over the Vatican’s statement condemning same-sex marriage. “Distributing the [Pope’s] statement could result in a $20,000 fine”, declared Croome.

What! Isn’t Rodney Croome in favour of freedom of expression? It looks as if Mr Croome may have revealed his true aim: the ruthless squelching of any opposition (especially the gospel) – all in the name of diversity and tolerance, of course. Nice to know in advance how Croome and his ilk plan to use any power they may gain as a result of anti-vilification legislation

ACTION: write to your Premier and MP and express your concerns about the possible use of anti-vilification laws to inhibit free Sydney, NSW 1230 speech, specifically the gospel. Click and Lobby.



Crisis on Homosexuality in Uniting and Anglican Churches.

In recent weeks we have seen various denominations in crises that concern us all. “If one member suffers, all the members suffers with it.” 1 Cor 12:26 Our purpose here is not to report the sad news, which has been done elsewhere, but to propose a course of action. We have spoken at length to representatives from both denominations and the truth is: your letters, faxes, phone calls and emails can make a difference.

The Anglican Church in Australia is (for the most part) taking a firm Biblical stand on the issue of homosexuality. They need your letters of encouragement for their stance on the ordination of homosexuals and on same-sex marriage. Whether or not we see ourselves as a whole with the many people who call themselves Christians, the rest of the world views us as one.

The Rt Rev Dr Mouneer Anis, Bishop in Egypt, said the election in the US of the first openly homosexual Anglican (Episcopal) Bishop would seriously damage Anglican relations with the Muslim world. Dr Anis expressed all our sentiments when he said: "We cannot comprehend a decision to elect as bishop a man who has forsaken his wife, and the vows he made to her, to live in a sexual relationship with another man outside the bonds of his marriage."

Meanwhile, the liberal wing of the Anglican Church in America is likely to proceed with blessings of gay "marriages". They are pushing for the convention to pass a resolution to prepare a rite for same-sex unions which, if it is approved, could be introduced after the next convention in three years.

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, an outspoken supporter of Biblical standards, said the Episcopal Church in the United States had "turned away from the traditional teaching of the Christian Church". Please thank him for his godly stand: Archbishop Dr Peter Jensen PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office Ph:02 9265 1555 Fx:02 9261 4485 Click to email

And please thank Primate Archbishop Peter Carnley GPO Box W2067; Perth WA 6846 Ph: 08 9325 7455 Fx: 08 9221 4118 Click for email link Scroll down to bottom of page.

Tasmanian Bishop John Harrower has taken a strong stand in the face of Tasmania’s new Anti-vilification legislation and needs your letters of support and prayers (encourage him to continue speaking the truth in love). Bishop John Harrower Diocese of Tasmania GPO Box 748; HOBART TAS 7001 Ph: 03 6223 8811 Fx: 03 6223 8968 Click for email link and click on Sandra Fagan link.

Melbourne's Archbishop also condemned the appointment. Archbishop Peter Watson; The Anglican Centre; 209 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000 AUSTRALIA Telephone: (03) 9653 4220 Click for email link Scroll down to bottom of page.

Important meeting within the Anglican Church – please send your letters of encouragement before the 2nd ordinary session of the 46th Synod on 13, 14, 15, 20 and 21 October 2003. All of the above can be emailed from their respective websites. These can be reached (eventually) by going to the Anglican Church National website, or more easily though the above links. You can also email your local diocese by Clicking Here.


Uniting Church in Australia is a different kettle of fish.

The majority in the Assembly and Synods have bought the lie that homosexuals are “born that way” – contrary to both biblical truth and scientific evidence, they see homosexuality as “who people are” rather than “something people do”.

Your State Synod needs to hear from you that homosexuality is a choice - one that God will judge. They will be responsible for perpetuating a lie in God’s name. Contact details (letters should be addressed to The Moderator and the General Secretary of each Synod): Click links to email, or write/phone:

Uniting Church Northern Synod 191 Stuart Highway, Parap, NT 0820 PO Box 38221, Winnellie, NT 0821 Ph: 08 8982 3400 Fx: 08 8982 3499 Click and Lobby

Uniting Church Queensland Synod GPO Box 674 Brisbane 4001 Ph: 07 3377 9777 Fx: 07 3377 9717 Click and Lobby

Uniting Church Synod of WA GPO Box M952 Perth WA 6843 Ph: 08 9486 1577 Fx: 08 9486 1599 Click and Lobby

Uniting Church in South Australia GPO Box 2145; Adelaide SA 5001. Ph: 08 8227 0822 fx: 08 8227 0470 Click and Lobby the Moderator and the General Secretary

Uniting Church New South Wales Synod PO Box A2178, Sydney South 1235 Ph: 02 8267 4300 Fx: 02 9261 4359 Click and Lobby

Uniting Church Victoria 130 Little Collins Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 Ph: 03 9251 5200 Click and Lobby scroll down to the addresses of the Moderator and the Secretariat under "City Office Staff"

Uniting Church Tasmanian Office 96 Margaret Street Launceston Tasmania 7250 Ph: 03 6331 9784 Click and Lobby scroll down to email links for Moderator and Asst Gen Secretary.

Again, the above can be emailed from their respective websites. These can be reached (eventually) by going to the Uniting Church national website or by using the above links.

Whatever your opinion of any specific denomination, we all have a responsibility to speak the truth, to bring salt and light, into the situation, and to encourage our brethren “as long as it is called Today” Hebrews 3: 13.


Queer Eye to Hit Australia

"A gay reality show that has become an unexpected hit in the US is set to screen in Australia. Queer eye for the straight guy has been picked up by the Seven network. The show broke ratings records for US cable network Bravo and now screens on the giant NBC network. The makeover lifestyle show centres on a team of 5 gay men whose specialities are fashion, food and wine, interior design, and grooming and culture. Their weekly mission is to transform a style-deficient and culture-deprived straight man. Seven is yet to schedule Queer Eye for the straight guy." Sunday Herald Sun 10/08/03 The Herald Sun misreported the Channel-it is NOT 7, but is on Channel 10!

Queer Eye has been the subject of controversy in the US – homosexual activists are being encouraged to bombard several Southern US TV Stations with mail after the Stations refused to air a segment of the TV show that featured foul language.


You may want to let Channel 10 know that we don’t want or need this sort of programme in Australia. Homosex is not “cute”, but devastating. Write to: Channel 10 [address here soon]


Homosexual Newspaper Exults in Role as “New Smurfs”

[AFF note: homofascists are adept at “muddying the waters” but are often quite honest among themselves; we equip you with the truth to combat the lies.]

Washington Blade, July 2003 Exerpted from

The New Smurfs

By [homosexual activist] STEVE WEINSTEIN

A FUNNY THING happened after the landmark Lawrence v. Texas decision by the [US] Supreme Court, which sweepingly threw out all sodomy laws and suddenly made private homosex a legally sanctioned leisure-time activity … the allnews channels and newspaper reporters were reduced to rounding up the usual suspects from the fringe right. You know, groups, like Family Research Council and Focus on the Family. Sometimes I think they only exist to offer sound bites…

At last month’s New York Pride parade, there was also a sea change. I can still remember in past years, horrified tourists running away, while mothers shielded their children’s eyes from drag queens in thongs, leather men in chaps and dykes on bikes. This year, tourists were scrambling to take pictures and shake those drag queens’ hands, to snap a photo for the folks back home of the leatherman’s behind and to cheer those bikeriding dykes. Rather than fleeing the mayhem, families were setting up lawn chairs and hoisting their kids on Dad’s shoulders for a better view of the pretty boys on their pretty floats.

CALL IT THE “Will and Grace” factor: Forget Sharon Stone’s “Basic Instinct” femme fatale, S&M slasher in “Cruising”; and the gender-variant serial murderer in “The Silence of the Lambs.” Today, we’re Eric McCormack, who plays Will [in TV show Will and Grace] with as much flamboyance as John Wayne; or we’re cute and cuddly sissies…We have become the new Smurfs [emphasis ours]…

Other cultural trends have also contributed to this transformation. RuPaul made mile-high black drag queens safe for Middle America. Ellen DeGeneres has become the only major stand-up comedian whose repertoire of four-letter words consists of ‘jeez,’ ‘gosh’ and ‘darn.’ …Nathan Lane and Elton John are cute, cuddly and talented: Paul Lynde without the snide curled lip.

To be sure, plenty of people still hate us. But in many circles, it’s become uncool to express it.[emphasis ours] In the most recent issue of Esquire, in an article entitled 10 Things You Don’t Know about Women, Lauren Weisberger writes, ‘Nothing you were thinking about saying about the gay couple you saw in the supermarket is a good idea. Trust me.’ In other words, don’t even try to be cute or snide about us, pal, or you’ll be sleeping on the sofa tonight.

This acceptance has gotten so trendy that it was cleverly satirized in the film American Beauty. In that hymn to suburban dysfunction, the blandest, most boring people — the only happy couple in the film — were the two gorgeous, successful gay professionals.

DON’T GET ME wrong: There’s still plenty of what commentators have taken to calling ‘the ick factor’ out there. The ick factor translates as people believing — either because they’re true conservatives (that is, government noninterference in private matters), Libertarians, liberals or just people of good will — that the government has no place in our bedroom. But they also don’t want to have to think about what we actually do there. [emphasis ours] Hence the ick: Gay men may have the right to have sex, but that doesn’t mean that anybody wants to think about what that actually means, at least graphically…

To counter the ick factor, many of our spokespersons have taken the ‘virtually normal’ route. They talk of us as the family next door, the couple down the hall, your sons and daughters and nieces and uncles and teachers and firemen and

… Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m getting a little tired of being so [expletive deleted] nice.”


Finally, Internet safety that really works:

You can Bsafe Online

Click the above imagefor a free trial of what has been called the "world's best Internet family filter software".

Dr Don Wildmon from the American Family Association personally introduced AFF Dir Jack Sonnemann to the team of committed professionals who run Bsafe. Don Wildmon recommends it wholeheartedly and says it even works against "peer-to-peer (P2P) pornography".

On March 25 of this year the Australian reported, "Internet trade in pornography on peer-to-peer networks is being examined by the Federal Government following a report that warns pornography is easily accessible." The US General Accounting Office (GAO) found that "child pornography was easily found and downloaded on (P2P) file sharing networks." Prepared for the U S House of Representatives, the report warns that pedophiles are using peer-to-peer.

The U S Government used a popular filesharing program using 12 keywords associated with child pornography. It found 1,286 files, of which 42% were associated with child pornography and 34% were adult pornography. A similar search by U S Customs using only 3 keywords found 341 images, of which 44% were child pornography and 13% were classified as "child erotica". The agency also searched using innocuous keywords and of 177 images downloaded, 55% were pornographic.

At this writing Bsafe is getting their info before a committee of the U S House of Representatives. This is the World Wide Web and this is a World Wide Problem and the US govt seems to be taking it seriously.

In Australia, Communications Minister Senator Richard Alston's office says, "peer- to-peer had not been brought up in submissions..." and says "people can complain to the Australian Broadcasting Authority". (The Australian, 25 Mar 2003)

Don't wait for the Australian government to act. Don't wait months or weeks for the Broadcasting Authority to investigate your thoroughly documented written complaint. Don't wait until your children have been violated by pornography. You can protect your family NOW by clicking the above link and downloading the Bsafe software for a free trial.

Bsafe is now being used by such international organisations as Hewlett Packard and is highly recommended by other Christian organisations like “Enough is Enough”. Bsafe can even provide you with a webbased email address free from spam, viruses, porn links and is particularly useful to help protect your children from sexual predators. This is the first - and only -filtering software system endorsed by AFF and is perfect for schools, churches, businesses, families and individuals.

Australians think nothing of spending monthly fees for cable TV that are more than the yearly cost of protecting their family online! What is the safety of your family worth?



If at all possible...

Don’t be tempted to save on stamps. Each topic deserves its own short letter (or email!), even if it means writing a dozen to the same person.



Does your State want to recruit women as whores?

The Tasmanian and WA ALP governments are preparing to give their approval for our daughters to become whores by legalising prostitution. ALL Australians should voice their concern at this lack of respect shown to women in both States. Are they all hypocrites? I'm sure neither Premier would want his own daughter (or wife) in a brothel but they say it is OK for everybody else's. Doesn't that mean he has one standard for himself and another for everyone else? Isn't that like saying "do as I say -not as I do"? Sure, prostitution exists -so does thievery, murder and rape - but legalising it does not help either the victims or the perpetrators.

Former prostitute/brothel madam Linda Watson - head of Australia's first and only refuge for prostitutes - was in Tasmania as the guest of the Catholic Women's League to warn ALP Premier Jim Bacon about the awful effects of prostitution. She warns, "The Government will be giving it a stamp of approval, normalising it, saying that's OK. It is the wrong message." AFF agrees. Did Premier Bacon even talk with Linda Watson? Anyone who thinks prostitution is a normal, legitimate profession has no regard for the health, well-being, safety or social position of women.

Several govt committees from other states have studied legal prostitution across Australia. They have found that the criminal element and drug culture are still very much alive in legal brothels as well as illegal intimidation, trafficking in women (sex slavery) and physical abuse. Don't the ALP governments realise that you cannot have legal prostitution without organised crime being involved? Even if we entertained the patently absurd idea of a safe, carefully regulated brothel – what kind of message does gov- ernment-approved trading-in-women send to the community? How does this affect our young men’s opinion/treatment of women? How does it affect our young girls’ image of what it means to be a woman?

AFF testified before a government committee from South Australia studying legal brothels in the ACT. We were the ONLY group suggesting that it is not good for our daughters to become whores. When this committee reported back to the government in Adelaide they ruled in our favor and, at the time, refused to give their stamp of approval to their daughters becoming whores. When the ALP government in Queensland legitimised "boutique brothels" (doesn't that sound nice?) AFF Director Jack Sonnemann appeared on the Today Show to voice the strong objection from families all across Australia at the idea of normalising women-as- sexual-merchandise.

Federal “Job Network” Recruits Prostitutes Several recent news articles have reported job-seekers’ outrage at being referred to “escort agencies” by The Federal Govern- ment’s “Job Network” program. How many such job referrals are being followed through by young people? Jack predicted this would occur years ago and it appears to have come to pass. When prostitution is legalized, what reasons to young men and women have for refusing this “legitimate” form of employment?

ACTION: Express your strong objection to

1. legalised prostitution in Tasmania and WA. Contact Premier Jim Bacon, Parliament House, Hobart 7000, and Premier Geoff Gallop, Parliament House, Perth WA 6000 and to

2. the Prime Minister and your Federal Senator and Federal Member of the House of Representatives re: “Job Network” referrals.


“The Wages of Sin”, SA-style

What can we expect in changing community values if prostitution is legalized? Pay an eye-opening visit to the AIDS Council of South Australia’s website and follow links to one of their programs, SA SIN (Sex Industry Network). SIN uses pseudo-biblical imagery on their site (e.g. the “S” in their logo is a snake) and promises to “promote pride and empowerment throughout the sex industry”, “acknowledge the legitimacy and value of sex work” and to generate “an exciting, energetic and dynamic environment in which sex workers are treated with dignity and affirmation”. SIN offers a range of resources, “The ever popular SIN Magazine” which includes “tips for developing working skills”, “The Male Project” which includes advice not only for the professional male sex worker, but for “guys working for favours and when the opportunity arises”. Also disturbing is their “guide for new sex workers” entitled The Wages of Sin. Not surprisingly, they neglect to complete the quotation with “…is DEATH”.

Another aim stated on their website is: to “provide education about sex workers and the sex industry to the broader community. Our community education services include: Providing speakers and/or workshop facilitators for universities, TAFE, organizations and community groups…Information packs and interviews for students…”

Don’t wait until your son or daughter comes home with an “information pack” on how working as a prostitute will bring them “dignity and affirmation”.


SA residents write to the Premier Mike Rann and your MP and express your opinions about government-funded bodies like the AIDS Council of SA recruiting prostitutes (isn’t that called pimping?) Not many other privately owned businesses get such assistance. Click here for MP's and select, in turn, both House of Assembly (then MEMBERS) and Legislative Coucil (then MEMBERS)

Other States: Please email your MP and Premier and express your concern about “SA SIN” and ask that your State NOT follow suit.


Focus on the Family (USA) Praises Gibson’s Film

The PASSION, a new film by Mel Gibson, is a vivid depiction of the last 12 hours before Jesus’ death on the cross.

Under attack for the film, Gibson got overwhelming support from the leaders of USA’s Focus on the Family along with hundreds of other religious leaders in Colorado Springs in June. “..very impressed …the most powerful portrayal of the passion I’ve ever seen or heard about… historically and theologically accurate” were just a few of the comments. “The Holy Ghost was working through me on this film, and I was just directing traffic,” said Gibson.

Problem: Gibson has not yet found a distributor for Passion, which has tremen-dous evangelistic potential. You can help bring it to a theater near you by filling out the SUPPORT PASSION part of the film’s website.

ACTION: visit the site and vote to show your support. A good response will encourage wide distribution of the film; otherwise it may show only at art house cinemas.



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