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Vol 19, Issue 1  Winter 2002

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Ephesians 5:11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness
but instead even expose them.

Those who know their God
will display strength and
take action. Daniel 11:32

_ Post Porn to Your Premier
_ French Film
_ OFLC: Computer and Video Games
_ Tell someone about abortion/breast cancer
_ Stem Cell Research
_ Penthouse Advertisers
_ QLD: Mr Beatty
_ Have you ordered your It’s Not Gay Video?
_ Stem Cell Research

Penthouse in Trouble?

The Nation, Bangkok 4/02 reports that General Media, publisher of Penthouse, is unlikely to make enough money this year to cover it’s interest payments.

Auditor Grant Thornton stated that there is “substantial doubt” that the company can continue as a going concern and his report showed General Media’s current liabilities exceeded it’s assets by US $22.3 million as of 31/12/01.

GM has already taken steps to slash costs, including laying off about 26% of its work force and using cheaper paper.

For nearly 19 years, AFF readers have been writing to Porn advertisers and asking for them to cease sponsorship of anti-family porn propaganda. We have been so successful that the Australian version of Playboy ceased publication and we expect Penthouse to follow suit! Praise God.

June 2002, the only non-“adult” advertisers were the following:

Smartpad (computer accessory) Seiko, Mng Dir Mr Russell Martin, PO Box 369, Cordell Park, NSW 2200 ph 1300 788081
Click to email Smartpad

Musashi Black Label capsules (vitamin supplement) Musashi, Mng Dir Tim Horewood, 16 Howley’s Rd, Notting Hill, VIC 3168 ph 03 9545 5563 fx 9545 5578
Click to email Musashi
According to their website, Musashi also sponsors AFL teams. You may want to mention that as another good reason to discontinue porn affiliation.

Baise-Moi: More action needed on that French Film

The grotesquely violent porn film, Baise-Moi, which was banned in its home country of France after only three days of cinema release, has been banned in Australia after a four-week release.

The OFLC had approved the film’s release with an R-rating, despite the fact that it contains scenes of actual sex (not simulated) and had already been banned in at least 20 countries!

Thanks mostly to action spearheaded by Roslyn Phillips with Festival of Light Adelaide, the Classification Review Board was called in (at the request of Atty Gen Daryl Williams), overturned the decision and banned the film.

The Review Board voted unanimously to refuse the film classification, as it contained “strong depictions of violence; sexual violence; frequent actual, detailed sex scenes; and scenes which demean both women and men.” In addition, the Board found that its scenes of sexual violence were too heinous even for an X18+ rating! The OFLC actually contravened their own guidelines when they allowed this extremely dangerous violent pornography to be released.

Jim Wallace (Australian Christian Lobby in Canberra) recently met with Atty Gen Williams and raised concerns about film classification. The OFLC, the Atty Gen as well as many other MPs received letters from concerned Australians. The Review Board ruled sensibly – but only because of action taken by concerned Australians! Actions (and inactions) have consequences!

It is essential that we take action NOW to discourage a repetition of this fiasco.


Write to or email both Atty Gen Williams* and the OFLC
OFLC, Locked Bag 3, Haymarket NSW 1240, ph 02 9289 7100, FX 02 9289 7101, Click to email the OFLC and raise the following points with both of them:

- Why is the OFLC not following its own guidelines?

- Does the overturning of the original classification mean that the OFLC Board is desensitised and needs to be replaced?

- Will any future victims of viewers of the film be able to seek compensation?

*Please also thank Attorney General Daryl Williams for the action he took to get the decision reviewed. He is taking a huge amount of criticism from the pro-porn lobby.
Write to him C/- Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 or email Atty Gen Williams

It’s Not Gay: “well-presented and factual”

After reviewing AFF’s 30 min video “It’s Not Gay”, Bob Frisken of New Hope International wrote: It dispels the idea that a homosexual lifestyle is inevitable for some people and shows the way that a number of vulnerable young people were caught up in what ultimately proved to be for them a destructive lifestyle. The video is well presented and factual and not in any way ‘homophobic’. Schools and Churches could assist parents and their children to be forewarned of the dangers of a ‘gay lifestyle’ by purchasing a number of copies to make available on loan to parents.

Click for Bob Frisken’s excellent review. We encourage all of our readers to obtain the video for their church, school, MPs etc.

AFF provides a set of valuable notes with the video, which contains extensive data concerning the negative health effects of homosexuality. Included is scientific info from numerous authoritative research documents, professional medical journals and important international AIDS conferences, as well as Internet addresses for further study. Arm yourself with the truth and get involved with us in this ‘winnable war’!

Abortion/Breast Cancer link

Not only do women risk ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, incompetent cervix, premature births, perforated uterus, haemorrhage, infections leading to sterility and desperate psychological repercussions when they “choose” to abort their baby, now 27 out of 34 studies worldwide have found a link between induced abortion and breast cancer.

In the only study on Australian women, induced abortion was found to be the greatest risk of all, greater even than family history of breast cancer (British Journal of Cancer, 1995). These results were not revealed to Australian women, not even to those who took part in the study.

Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer said, “scientists know that abortion causes breast cancer but are afraid to say so publicly in today’s hostile political climate.” Public information on the abortion/breast cancer link would tear the mask from the face of the abortion industry, which claims to have women’s freedom and well being at its heart.

The London Times’ pro-choice medical columnist, Dr. Stuttaford, after denying the existence of a link, wrote last year that women are “up to four times more likely to develop breast cancer” if they have had an abortion before starting a family (London Times, 17 May ’01).

The link has been reported and documented in such publications as the London Times, American Journal of Pathology, Wisconsin Law Review, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, British Journal of Cancer, and the British Journal of Epidemiology and Community Medicine!

A termination of pregnancy interrupts cellular changes that occur in the breasts during pregnancy. If the pregnancy is allowed to proceed naturally, these cellular changes actually provide women with added protection against cancer. However, an abortion leaves an increased number of carcinogen-vulnerable breast-cells (which would have resolved into safe milk-producing cells). Science is proving more and more that the health interests of mother and unborn child cannot be separated.


Equip yourself and your friends with the truth. Visit: or order the Abortion and Breast Cancer booklet from Endeavour Forum, 12 Denham Place, Toorak, Vic 3142, ph: (03) 9822 5218

Click for a further link on the website which recommends action such as writing to your local hospitals and doctors, and including their convincing info and statistics in letters to the editor.

How to write a 2-minute letter

Many of AFF’s victories are due to our readers writing a simple “2-minute letter”.

Here’s how:

Dear Sir,
It has come to my attention that your firm is helping to finance pornography by advertising in Penthouse magazine (or such and such TV show). As long as this policy continues I can no longer purchase your products. Will you please stop? Please reply so I can tell all my friends. (important: use own words)

AFF readers have stopped ads in porn magazines, offensive TV shows and cancelled corporate sponsorship of TV movies and Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Keep it up!

Computer Games Teach Children Mass Murder: OFLC approved?

The Office of Film and Literature Classification has scheduled R-Rated video and computer games for approval for children in a neighbourhood near you.

The (Launceston) Examiner of 5 May 2002 reports that “Video and computer games teach children to become better mass-murderers than the military, a US expert said yesterday, warning of a rise in the number of school and workplace massacres in years to come. David Grossman, a psychologist and former lieutenant colonel in the US Army, said the US entertainment industry was to blame.”

Dr Jeffrey Brand, the OFLC’s resident ‘expert’ on computer games, plans to remove the restrictions that are currently in place because he says this is what the majority wants. The OFLC has released this news on their website

Tasmanian Senator Brian Harradine warns that children would have access to many computer games that are now banned. The new “R” rating would put no restriction on coarse language and have more interactive sexual and violent material.


Tell the OFLC that you do NOT want more sexual and violent ‘games’ for children and that the ‘coarse language’ Aussie kids are already assaulted with offends you. Request them to act in the best interests of families and refuse this newly recommended classification.

OFLC, Locked Bag 3, Haymarket NSW 1240, ph 02 9289 7100, FX 02 9289 7101,
Click to email .

TV linked to violent teens

All advertising, television, newspaper and broadcasting executives know visual imagery has a marked effect on human attitude and behaviour. This is why we must demand more curbs on sex and violence in movies, television and the print media (including billboards).

According to the Herald Sun (30/5/02), the results of one of the most authoritative studies ever conducted on this have been published in Science magazine. Dr Jeffrey Johnson, a psychiatric epidemiologist with Columbia University in New York found “both men and women were affected by violent programs on TV”.

Dr Johnson advised parents to limit children to less than 60 min of TV a day. The study found an average hour of TV portrayed 3-5 violent acts but “in some children’s shows, researchers have found more than 20 acts of violence in the space of 30 minutes”.

This exhaustive scientific study tracked over 700 children for over 17 years and “found a link between TV and violence even after taking into account other social factors”. Dr Johnson found “5.7 percent of the adolescents who watched less than one hour of television committed aggressive acts against others in later years” compared to “28.8 per cent of those who watched 3 or more hours of TV daily committed aggressive acts”.

Violent imagery is categorised by the brain, especially in children, exactly the same as pornographic imagery. This is why pornographic imagery is just as dangerous. The word “violence” comes from the word “violate” which means, “to do violence to”. ALL pornography is violent because it violates a woman’s personal space and thrusts it into the public arena - placing all women at risk.

Dr Johnson sounds a warning that we all need to hear, “Despite the consensus among experts, lay people do not seem to get the message from the popular press that media violence contributes to a more violent society.” Similar studies have proven that more pornography in society contributes to more rape in society. Is Dr Johnson suggesting that the popular media know this but are not reporting it?


Let your MP’s know you are concerned about TV violence – inform friends, teachers and family about the link. Write to the sponsors of violent TV programs.

Action on “Spam” for Internet Users

Many of us who use the Internet are regularly confronted with porn “spam” (nickname for “unsolicited commercial e-mail” or UCE). Some good suggestions for stopping it plus other anti-spam links can be found on a crazy site, promoting itself as "the premier Christian porn site on the net"- Note: perhaps technically true but they are very much anti porn! (They also tell us where the word “spam” came from!)

Hint: when confronted with this horrible Internet junk mail, do not reply to the sender or follow any “removal instructions” which might be included!
More on our ”coming soon” updated website

Pornographic magazines legally sold to children!! Is this really what the community wants?

It’s a fact. Pornographic magazines like Australian Penthouse, Hustler, People, Picture and others are legally sold to and accessed by Australian children of all ages.

The Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has placed the above magazines – and many others – in an “unrestricted” category. Magazines like Picture, Penthouse and People are full of ads for perverted sexual products and services that are restricted to over 18’s – apparently even the porn publishers realise children should be protected from such material!

The OFLC claims to represent community standards. In their view, Australians don’t mind children having legal access to material that most adults find offensive. Are they wrong? Surely Australians want children to be protected from exposure to toxic pornographic imagery.

The good news is your State can step in at any time,
overrule the inadequate national guidelines and protect children.

Our readers’ action in Tasmania has resulted in magazines like People, Picture and Penthouse being restricted for sale to 18+ and placed behind ‘blinder racks’ or in sealed opaque plastic covers with only the title visible.

Some states have restricted some porn magazines, which is a step in the right direction, but common sense dictates they ALL be restricted. Every child in every state can be protected from legal access to ALL pornography – as in Tasmania.

If porn magazines like People are available for children’s perusal and purchase in your state please send a copy (don’t bother looking at it!) to your ALP Premier. (see below) If he says he is unable to help you, politely advise him to contact his ALP brother Premier in Tasmania for instructions. Keep writing until he accepts his responsibility to restrict pornographic material!

All readers (except Tasmanians) should take action with the national ‘Porn to the Premier’ campaign:

Porn to the Premier

Show your Premier what children have free access to.

Write to Your State Premier, Parliament House, Your Capital City, Capital City Postcode

Dear Sir,
The enclosed People magazine [or similar magazine]
is legally sold to, displayed to and accessed
by children in our state. Would you allow your
own children unrestricted access to such imagery?
Will you please act in the best interests of all
children in this State by placing simple restrictions
on these types of magazines?
Please reply soon as all of my friends are extremely interested in your response.
(Don’t forget to send us copies of their replies!)

We can set community standards again by forcing the OFLC, through the State Premiers, to allow pornographic magazines to only be displayed to, sold to, accessed by or perused by those 18 and over – but only if you take this stand with us!

Simple guidelines for restriction could include:
- magazines that contain pictorial or editorial content of a sexual nature intended for adults only
- magazines that contain multiple advertisements for sexual products and services
- magazines that, taken as a whole, lack serious artistic or educational value and contain sexual imagery clearly intended for those over 18.

This is likely to be an uphill battle with our ALP Premiers. No ALP govt has ever enacted any of AFF’s provisions to protect children. (It was the Coalition govt in Queensland and in Tasmania who passed our restrictions.)

However, our supporters have already forced the largest retailers in Australia to remove Playboy magazine. We have forced 100% of the advertisers to cancel ads in porn magazines. After debating AFF Dir Jack Sonnemann on national TV the Playboy editor was sacked and the Australian version of Playboy no longer exists! We have set ‘community standards’ by forcing the OFLC to raise the age to appear in porn from only 16 to 18.

Our current campaign utilises an unusual strategy, we know, but some preliminary trials have shown excellent results. MP’s who were previously unconcerned have had a radical change of heart.

Special action for all Queenslanders

AFF’s bill requiring retailers to cover up porn magazines in order to “protect children and families from the visual assault of pornographic magazines in public places” (Courier-Mail 31/10/97) was passed in Queensland in 1997 but is not being enforced.

AFF’s legislation was passed by the previous coalition govt but the ALP’s poster boy, Mr “Boutique Brothel” Beatty, refuses to enforce it.

The Courier-Mail reported on the bill that orders “a cover-up of magazines depicting sex”. In other words, if a magazine depicts sex, the cover of the magazine must not be displayed to, or accessible in shops by, children.

The article quotes then-Atty Gen Denver Beanland: “The proposed new amendments will keep explicit pornographic magazines out of sight and out of reach of curious young children”. Mr Beanland said, “the laws were needed because the Commonwealth classification system was too broad”. AFF agrees.

The Beatty govt refuses to enforce this sensible law. Please try to convince him to uphold the laws of his State. Let us know what he says! Did you know?

Click to Email the PM and all MPs

AFF’s bill requiring retailers to cover up porn …was passed in Queensland in 1997 but is not being enforced.


Write to: Premier Peter Beatty Parliament House Brisbane, QLD 4000

Special Tas Parliament session OK’s abortions

Thanks to the recalling of Tasmanian parliament by Premier Jim Bacon, abortionists can kill more unborn Tasmanian babies without fear of prosecution.

Longtime AFF supporter, Dr Armin Tadj, a qualified dentist and 5th-year medical student at the Royal Hobart Hospital, blew the whistle on Tasmania’s illegal abortion industry. Doctors had been stretching the law, which allowed abortions if the mother’s life was at risk, to 1000 per year. A police inquiry caused these abortions to be suspended. As a result, a special emergency session of parliament was called on 20 Dec ’02 - supposedly to “clarify” Tasmania’s abortion laws, but in reality to push through Health Minister Judy Jackson’s anti-life bill with as little public debate as possible.

Christina Sonnemann, who was interviewed by a newspaper and radio station, escorted a group of young Tasmanians to witness the parliamentary debate: “It was our first time in Parliament. We came out completely disillusioned. The arguments of the pro-death MPs were irrational and false. I personally beg all Tasmanians not to vote for these politicians again. They are not representing their constituents. MHA David Fry personally told me that he received a huge amount of letters begging him to protect Tassie children and very few from the pro-death lobby.”

Margaret Sonnemann was interviewed by the local TV station while present for Right to Life Australia’s peaceful protest. AFF Dir Jack Sonnemann posted a special Tasmanian mail-out and helped arrange for prominent activists Babette Francis (of Endeavour Forum) and Charles Francis, QC to be interviewed by newspapers and ABC radio. Tragically, few of our lawmakers proved willing to take a stand on behalf of all Tasmanians – born and pre-born.

Despite overwhelming public opposition to this murderous bill, most of the Lower House members and ALL of the members of Tasmania’s Upper House voted for it. We are pleading with all concerned Tasmanians to vote for your Upper House – MLC - member’s opponent at the next election (if your Upper House member was in office when this Bill passed). Give someone else a chance to defend life.

HOW THE MHA’s (Lower House)VOTED:

Judy Jackson (ALP), Jim Bacon (ALP), Bob Cheek (Lib), Peter Patmore (ALP), Peg Putt (Greens), Denise Swan (Lib), Ken Bacon (ALP), Tony Rundle (Lib), Brenton Best (ALP), Jim Cox (ALP) – and all Members of the Legislative Council.

David Fry (Lib), Rene Hidding (Lib), Matt Smith (Lib), Martin McManus (Lib), Michael Hodgeman (Lib), Paul Lennon (ALP), David Llewellyn (ALP)(abstained from voting), Steven Kons (ALP) (abstained from voting),

How blessed is he who considers the helpless. Ps 41:1

IVF: Select-a disability?

An American baby boy, now 4 months old, was conceived because his deaf parents wanted a child to share their disability. This child was born on the condition that he was deaf.

The ‘parents’ deliberately selected sperm from an individual with five generations of deafness in his family. These ‘parents’, a lesbian couple, are both totally deaf. They have refused to let the child have a deaf aid even though he is blessed with slight hearing in one ear.

If parents are allowed to say what disability their baby should have, then what is to stop the parents from getting rid of a baby who doesn’t meet their specifications?

Pro-Life News says, “We are in danger of destroying the natural equality between parent and child. What we are seeing is a shift in thinking, which turns parents into consumers and children into products. Children should be loved and accepted unconditionally.”

Stem Cells: Adults Only

According to The Age (1/4/00), Australia has experienced a “factually undernourished, immature debate” concerning stem cell therapies. Reporter Christopher Pearson refers to the astonishing ignorance of politicians, fellow journalists and the public concerning the realities of the stem cell debate. The Australian Financial Review gives credit for this fallacy to a “well-orchestrated lobbying campaign” by the IVF embryo industry.

As a result of this professional lobbying and media collusion we are all to believe that embryonic stem cell research is the only chance of a ‘miracle cure’ for such terrible afflictions as juvenile diabetes, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s and spinal paralysis. This is false. In fact, instances abound of miracle cures using readily available adult stem cells. New Scientist of 27/1 reports that the “Ultimate Stem Cell Discovered” is from adult bone marrow.

Click to visit

Melbourne-based Pro-LIFE NEWS quotes the above sources as well as prominent Dr David van Gend in their excellent Autumn Edition 2002 newsletter. For much more information and excellent action ideas:
Pro-Life News, LPO Box 2115, Hawthorne 3122, ph 03 9818 6186, FX 03 9819 0573,
email Pro Life or visit their website


Contact Prime Minister John Howard and your own Federal MP at Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600
(email the PM and all MPs from AFF's website)

Dear Prime Minister,
Will you stop the abuse of living human beings by disallowing the use of embryos for stem cell research? The destruction of embryos is not required and amazing cures have already been achieved through the use of readily available non-embryonic adult stem cell material. Please reply soon as all of my friends are interested in your answer.

The Right to Life National Office - ph. 03 9387 7098 - has an excellent postcard to the Minister campaign underway.
Write to: The Right to Life Australia, PO Box 782, Brunswick Lower, VIC 3056 (sorry, no email or website)
An individual letter or email is always more effective, but it would be a great idea to distribute some of Right to Life's postcards to friends or family who will not take the time to write.

Writing letters but wondering whom your MP’s are? Ring 132326 and you will be automatically connected to your local Electoral Office. They will be glad to help.


email us or Print and post to AFF PO Box 106 Canterbury VIC 3126
_____It’s Not Gay video (recommended donation $20/copy)…………._______
_____It’s Not Gay information packet (donation) ………………………_______
please add $5 postage for single video, $8 for more than 1)…….._______
_____Pornography: Paedophile Propaganda ( $4 recommended)………._______
Address___________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ PC _______
Jack, I’d like to see more ACTION strategies for: TV_____ , magazines _____, Internet _____, pornography addiction _____, porn display laws _____, Other __________________________________________________________.

Introducing Christina Sonnemann

Christina Sonnemann, singer and harpist, is just about to release her very first CD!

Christina has been playing the harp for 12 years, and is now studying for her Associate of Music Diploma.

Also a trained singer, Christina believes that God uses the harp today as He did in the days of David and Saul. She has had many experiences of people approaching her after her concerts, sometimes in tears, and struggling to express the spiritual ministry they felt in the music.

Christina’s pure soprano voice complements five tracks - including a poignant Irish love ballad (She Moved Through the Fair) and an inspiring Messianic song (Hallelujah). The recording features soothing Classical, Celtic and French solo harp music, as well as the lovely Bach piece Sleepers, Wake.

This CD is dedicated to her grandfather, who made her continued music studies possible by generously giving her a Boston-made, gilded concert grand harp before he passed away several years ago. The music on the recording is performed on this beautiful instrument. Click to visit Christina’s website


Please send me ______copy (ies) of Christina’s CD, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair ($28.95 per copy or $49.95 for 2)
Special offer: on orders before July 1, 2002 - no additional charge for postage and handling. After 1/7/02 add $3 postage for one and $5 for 2 CD’s
Print and Post to: Christina Sonnemann, c/- AFF PO Box 106, Canterbury VIC 3126